Lake Forest Glen’s Homeowner Association (LFGHOA) would like to welcome renters and guests to the complex, and we have put together this page with resources to help you enjoy your time here. There are some specific procedures and operations of the complex that are important to understand, and we have provided links to the documents (as well as some other helpful links) below.

OWNERS & PROPERTY MANAGERS: WHEN RENTING OUT YOUR UNIT: Please print the documents listed below and prepare a binder for your tenants to use so they will be aware of the features and rules at Lake Forest Glen. We have also prepared this page so that you can link to it at the time you make your rental contract. This procedure was requested to be implemented at the October 11, 2014 Annual Homeowner’s Meeting. Thank you for taking the time to educate your renters on their opportunities and responsibilities.

The Lake Forest Glen HOA does not manage any rentals in the complex – this is done by the individual homeowner or a property manager of their choosing. We do not receive information about rentals or availability, nor are we able to assist with check-in or any issues related to reservations. If you need this type of assistance, please contact the agent or property manager associated with your stay. We have a list of area property managers that manage units in the complex, and you may contact them if you are looking for information regarding availability in Lake Forest Glen.

Assigned Parking – Please review the Vehicle Parking Policy listed above. Lake Forest Glen has assigned parking for each unit, and parking in another’s assigned parking space is prohibited. Assigned parking is in front of the unit you are staying in (between the lines at the boundary on either side of the unit), and it is not permissible to park in front of another person’s unit. Doing so will result in citations and fines, and your vehicle can be towed. Please be sure you understand the parking procedures before your stay.

General Rules – Please review the Rules & Regulations and the Common Area Standards listed above. Did you know that ONLY GAS BBQ’s are permitted in the complex? NO CHARCOAL BBQ’S ARE PERMITTED DUE TO FIRE DANGER. Please be sure you are aware of all the rules and regulations before your stay.

Snow Removal – Please review the Snow Removal Policy listed above. Do not leave your vehicle unattended on snowy days! If you will be staying during the winter months, it is important to understand how snow removal procedures work and what your responsibilities are during these times. Hindering snow removal is an automatic fine with no warning.

Security/Emergency Info – In the case of an emergency please dial 9-1-1. We hope you will not need this information during your stay, but just in case, please review the Safety & Security at Lake Forest Glen listed above.