What You Need to Know as a Homeowner:

  • Asphalt Sealing & Striping 2019 – Eric Sutton Asphalt Company will be sealing and striping our complex over the next several days. The work will begin on Wednesday, June 12, 2019 and go through Wednesday, June 19, 2019. Please click here to view the schedule for each day along with a color-coded map indicating each day. Please remember if you have a boat in the boat and trailer lot it must be moved by day 3 of sealing which will be Monday, June 17, 2019. Please contact the office should you have questions. Thank you.
  • TCPUD (Tahoe City Public Utilities District) Rate Increase:  The TCPUD sent out a notice regarding their rate increase for 2019. To review the new rates please click here
  • Liberty Utilities Rate IncreaseLiberty Utilities sent out a notice regarding their rate increase for 2019. To review the new rates please click here
  • HOA Dues increase:  The monthly dues will increase to $360.00 per month. If you have automatic payments set up through your bank, make sure you update the payment amount in December for your January payment.  
  • Recreational Facility Cards:  The recreational facilities card for your unit will access the gate locks for the swimming pools/hot tub, and the tennis courts. There is not a code to punch in on the keypad, you must have your card to access the facilities. If you lose your card and need to get a replacement, contact the HOA office and let us know.  There will be a fee of $100 for replacing a lost card. We will issue a new card and deactivate the lost card. We will not be able to provide a “loaner” card while you wait, so please be aware that there will be a wait time to receive a replacement (this can take up to a few weeks).

Annual Homeowners Meeting:

  • Annual Meeting 2018:  Thank you everyone who made it to the annual meeting and picnic this year!! We had such a huge turnout for the picnic, Alan had to dig the pool chairs out of storage because we ran out of chairs!
  • 2018 VotingThere were 4 nominees that ran for 3 open seats.  Jim Cochrane  was reelected , Doug O’Neal was reelected, and we welcome Sari Stenfors as our newest board memeber.

Other Information:

  • Water and Sewer Rates:  Jim Cochrane looked into the issue of water and sewer rates with the Tahoe City PUD, and summarized the information he received in an effort to answer questions of many homeowners. The information can be viewed by clicking here
  • Lake Forest Glen is no longer in the flood plain:  The restoration of the meadow has returned the stream to its natural state, resolving flood zone issues. Here are some documents for reference (please note that the maps indicate several units in the LFG complex that were part of the original project but were never built – nor will they ever be built.  These units are shown to be in the meadow, but do not exist.)